What we do

Electronic Market Making (EMM)


Our Low-latency and High Frequency FX Arbitrage global platform (Electronic Market Making) is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We play intermediate role between the Banks and Exchanges.

Artificial Intelligence

LongFin adopted the Artificial Intelligence Framework for its Electronic Market Making platform in the following manner:

Probabilistic AI
Emphasis on noisy measurements, approximation in hard cases, learning, Bayesian Trading algorithmic.

Automatic system building
Learning automatically constructs rules and supports all types of queries

Machine Learning

LongFin adopted the Machine Learning Framework for it's ultra low-latency trading platforms across the exchanges. Our automated ultra low-latency electronic trading platforms rely on a form of machine learning called Bayesian Networks and include techniques such as:

  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Deep Learning
  • Predict Market Trends
  • Pinpoint Particular Trades
  • Linear Regression and ARIMA used to predict the Probability
  • Applied Adaptiveness and Reinforcement Techniques
Our Machine learning based price discovery algorithms can provide the market makers better predictive power for the fair values in future.